Got a great view?

                                                                                Why not share it with the world?


Uncharted Services will provide ground photography, and sUAV based aerial photography and stunning 4K video resolution in both.  How will you use your media?

:: Enhance your home or property sale ::

:: Examine a home or property before purchase ::

:: Get a birds-eye view of your timber or crop acreage ::

:: Just show your friends because it's that cool ::

What can you dream up? I'd love to hear your creative ideas!


This is buzz!

We've named our flying camera Buzz.  aka: The DJI Inspire 1

The Lass in our fleet is Sally, not pictured. She is a DJI Phantom 1 and she carries a GoPro Camera.

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Uncharted Services Home

Uncharted Services home base is Savannah, TN but we are 'air mobile' if the job is right ;-)

*Coming Soon*